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· Conveyor delivery.
· Programmable speed & torque.
· Eliminates spirals.
· Easy to load.
· 5 years motor warranty
· Easy adjustable for different product shapes.
· Up to 30% increased capacity compared to conventional spirals.
· Integrated PDss (product detection sensors system). Guaranteed delivery and eliminates double vends.
· Branding Opportunity.
· Guaranteed delivery, eliminates double vends.
· Proven security for high value items.

Vision ES

To increase the overall capacity and selections of the machines with the most value-for-money way the Vision E-S is the perfect solution, using the payment systems and programming from the main vending allows to offer to the public a widest range of products.

Technical Characteristics
· Programmable temperature from 35.5 ºF to 53.6º F with different temperature areas, three points temperature division inside the cabinet.
· Capacity of up to 8 fully adjustable trays and up to 10 channels each.
· FIFO system used to deliver products.
· Vend detection by photocells.
· Leds lightening system with on-off programming.
· Transparent area of 1100 x 714 mm
· Auto - self diagnostic control system.
· Flexible configuration. The easyFlex system allows the fast modification of the width and depth of the channel. No additional spare parts are needed to create a new configuration
· Programmable torque and speed of the motors.
· Power Supply: 110 V
· Maximum consumption 650w

Dimensions and Weight
· Dimensions: 72H x 31.5W x 37D Inch
· Weight: 654lbs.

· Robust construction with an anti-corrosive and antioxidation coating material
· Security lock with 3 locking points
· Injected foam on all the cabinet, assures the best refrigeration using lower power consumption by the cooling unit.

Cash-Credit Management
· On the main vending machine, models Vision or Coffeemar

Programming and Management
· On the main vending machine, models Vision or Coffeemar

· With or without cooling unit.

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V5 Rear Evaporator Bracket V5 Tray Harness 10 Connector For Non Elevator V5 Large Tray (No Elevator Models)
Rear evaporator bracket is placed inside machine towards the back.
Fits: V3, V4, & V5 Vision Models
Tray Harness 10 connector is compatible only ES models with no elevator V5 and up. Consult with a Jofemar technician before purchase.

Vision V5 ES tray fit only ES models without elevator. (INCLUDES HARNESS)