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From a family business to a prestigious business Group

Jofemar Corporation was founded in 1971 as a result of a personal and innovative initiative spearheaded by FĂ©lix Guindulain Vidondo, current President of the company. His self-taught abilities, strength and enterprising, innovative spirit allowed him to stay ahead of the times, marking the beginning of a string of successes.

Under the initial name of Moratiel, Jofemar Corporation (whose acronym comes from its founders' initials), started its activity in a small garage in Peralta as a company specialised in electrolytic baths and surface treatments. Thanks to his courage, farsightedness and his firm commitment to innovation and diversification as a tool for learning and, therefore, growth, Jofemar has turned into a prestigious business group. Nowadays, the Corporation focuses its activities in five different areas: vending, energy, electric vehicles, health and services, and is positioned as a worldwide leader in development and implementation of technological solutions for the vending sector.

Jofemar's industrial facilities, currently covering over 52,000 square metres, are an important part of Peralta's urban landscape, and although everyone already knows who we are, only a few know the true significance of what lies behind this big "J".