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Founded in May of 1971 by Félix Guindulain Vidondo (the current president of the company), Jofemar set out as a company that provided a surface treatment service (electrolytic baths), turning nine years later to the manufacture and design of vending machines, coin mechanisms and payment systems, an activity which it continues to pursue to this days.

The constant economic investment and the great effort of more than 200 employees in the areas of technology, research and development of new products that cover all imaginable requirements in the vending sector constitute the basis of the success that Jofemar has found in the business world. Jofemar’s wide range of vending machines are the most innovative in today’s market, offering a great performance and top features to the operators, thanks to the effort made to create new solutions. For over forty years, Jofemar products are all over the world and are highly appreciated for its quality.

Through the vision of Jofemar's President and Founder, and his admiration and respect for the US and it's culture, lead him to open Jofermar USA in the year 2000. Jofermar has made a long-term commitment to the large US vending market through the establishment of Jofemar USA, headquartered in South Florida under the leadership of Jose F. Iribarren. Mr. Iribarren's vast knowledge of both cultures has created the prefect bridge between the European manufacturer and the needs of the American vending market.
Jofemar's experience in the North American market under the direction of Jose F. Iribarren has lead to the development of the "American Series". The Amercian Series is designed to offer a complete solution for every operator needs. Jofemar's innovated vending solutions, quality, technology and technical support make our American Series the perfect choice to take your customer's vending experience to the next level!