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· Conveyor delivery.
· Programmable speed & torque.
· Eliminates spirals.
· Easy to load.
· 5 years motor warranty
· Easy adjustable for different product shapes.
· Up to 30% increased capacity compared to conventional spirals.

· Integrated PDss (product detection sensors system). Guaranteed delivery and eliminates double vends.
· Guaranteed delivery, eliminates double vends.
· Proven security for high value items.


Think outside the box and reach out of home consumers more conveniently trough the vending channel.

Machine Features:

· Energy saving feature which turns off display lights during non-operational periods.
· Programmable health and safety controls, as well as expiration date per selection.
· Continuous self testing & diagnosis Failure incident report.
· Modular cabinet built with corrosion resistant & rust proofing treatment.
· Complete accounting data storage and retrieval via DEX/UCS port is RS232 C plug.
· LCD display of programming messages, product price and machine status.
· Greater capacity per selection for most items.
· First in first out (FIFO) delivery dispensing.
· Jofemar´s Smart Vend Guaranteed product delivery system.
· Injected foam cabinet assures the best refrigeration using lower power consumption.
· Front security lock with 3 locking points.
· Unique Jofemar´s conveyor delivery system. Eliminates the spirals & increase capacity.


Dimensions 72"H x 31 1/2"W x 37"D
Weight 590 lbs
Glass Size 43 1/2H x 21"W
Electrical 110-115 VAC / 2 amps
Refrigeration Optional
Temperature Ambient
MDB Communication Protocol

Product sensor detectio guarantees the product vend.

Durable stainless steel keypad.

The new era in vending is already here...

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