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· Conveyor delivery.
· Eliminates spirals.
· Easy to load.
· 5 years motot warranty.
· Easy adjustable for different product shapes.
· Up to 30% increased capacity compared to conventional spirals.
· Elevator delivery.
· Eliminates drop damage.
· Waist height delivery point.
· Integrated PDSS (product detection sensors system). Guaranteed delivery and eliminates double vends.
· Programable anti-theft option.
· Guaranteed delivery, eliminates double vends.
· Proven security for high value items.


Any dish available to the public.
Catering Vending Systems by Jofemar.

Technical Features

· Prepared to dispense packages of measures up to 239 x 180 x 35 mm, it also can dispense ice bags and ice creams, without any other packing than the product one.
· Flexing machine setting of the channels, these can be adjusted without tools.
· Product delivery without kick, elevator system for product delivery to the user hand height.
· FIFO loading and delivery system, first product in first product out.
· Photocells system for correct product vending.
· Defrost system on the cooling unit avoiding ice formation.
· Height x width x depth: 1825 x 1037,5 x 951 mm.
· Isolation system with expanded foam, perfect temperature maintenance with a minimum electrical waste.
· Isolated cabinet with motorized closing system, maximum protection against humidity.
· Cooling gas R404-A, CFC free.
· External cabinet made on 1,5mm thick steel, treated against oxide and corrosion.
· Front panel lightened by means of led.
· JOFEMAR J-2000 coin changer supplied with the machine with a connection for EXECUTIVE or MDB protocol, 5 coin-return tubes and a T-15 coin validator, including the most reliable anti-fraud systems available.


· Trays position adjustable on height, up to 10 trays.
· Different models of trays to choose, 2, 3 or 4 channels to fit the product dimensions.
· On every channel the product dividers are adjustable to the product dimensions.



1825 x 1037,5 x 951,5 mm.

Lightened Panel 1699 x 720 mm (Includes the labels display)
Weight 425 Kg.
Cabinet internal temperature -24° (C)
Power Supply 190/240 V, 50Hz (Optional 110V)
Max. Power 750 watts.
Cooling unit gas R-404 A (CFC Free)
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FRONT BARREL FAN BRACKET Elevator Extractor Axle  (Bag of 10) Ice Plus Dispensing Door Microswitch
Front barrel fan bracket is placed inside of machine towards the front.
Fits V3, V4, & V5 Vision models.
Elevator extractor axle fits only ICEPLUS models.
Only for Ice plus models
Switch positions the delivery door to open and close