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The ARGOS 15 automatic cigarette vending machine is the result of JOFEMAR’s technological innovations since 1971 in the tobacco vending industry. Constructed in 1.5-mm, cold rolled steel foil to ensure sturdiness and safely, the Argos-15 Provides increased product capacity as well as a prominent advertising area for effective branding and promotion.

Technical Features
· Vertical channel storage and delivery for easier access and faster restocking.
· LCD display for direct messages in both sales and programming mode.
· Adaptable to various cigarettes formats, such as superkings, regular unfiltered, 100´s or slims, as well as an optional spiral channel for pipe tobacco.
· Channel-independent, out-of-product detection.
· Optional sales disabling systems for access by minors.

· 1.5 mm steel-plate cabinet with anti-corrosion and rust-proofing system
· Vandal-proof closing system with three anchoring points.
· Back-lit selection keypad and advertising panel.

· General Price and option programming using a pushbutton inside the machine.
· Programming using a portable terminal with machine cloning options.
· Optional wireless telemetry and remote programming of prices and operating functions.
· Optional infrared port for downloading accounting data to a PDA
· Dynamic programming of keys and channels, allowing for different button and product channel links.

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Door Latch (Argos) Underage Verification Control Kit Ethernet Adapter Card (8518)
Door Latch (Argos)
Our Price: $3.50
Door Latch is only for Argos models
Fits: Argos 10, 15
Verification kits are only used on Argos cigarette machines Ethernet Card Adapter for for RSU & APs

Note Check your program version for this card, it may need to be updated
Custom LCD Kit
Custom LCD Kit
Our Price: $160.30
LCD kit is only compatible for Argos 15 V1 machines. the kit is meant for swapping screens.

**** Please note rewiring is required for installation****