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· Conveyor delivery.
· Programmable speed & torque.
· Eliminates spirals.
· Easy to load.
· 5 years motor warranty
· Easy adjustable for different product shapes.
· Up to 30% increased capacity compared to conventional spirals.
· Integrated PDss (product detection sensors system). Guaranteed delivery and eliminates double vends.
· Branding Opportunity.
· Guaranteed delivery, eliminates double vends.
· Proven security for high value items.


The merchandiser that offers a massive 28% vending volume increase, and provides the widest selection of products available from one ambient machine.

The exclusive spiral free vending system - EasyFlex – allows adapting a vending machine to any kind of product and packaging.

Technical Characteristics
· Capacity of up to 8 fully adjustable trays and up to 10 channels each.
· FIFO system used to deliver products.
· Vend detection by photocells.
· Leds lightening system with on-off programming.
· Transparent area of 1100 x 515 mm
· Auto - self diagnostic control system.
· Flexible configuration. The EasyFlex system allows the fast modification of the width and depth of the channel. No additional spare parts are needed to create a new configuration
· Programmable torque and speed of the motors.
· Power Supply: 110 V
· Maximum consumption 30w

Dimensions and Weight
· Dimensions: 1825 x 800 x 935 mm
· Weight: 297 Kg.

· Robust construction with an anti-corrosive and antioxidation coating material
· Security lock with 3 locking points
· Cash box of high capacity and with the optional accessories of self-locking when removed from the base.
· Injected foam on all the cabinet.

Cash-Credit Management
· Vending protocols MDB or Executive.
· Change giver with 5 tubes for more flexible change combination.
· Advanced coin validator with the most reliable systems to detect frauds and fake coins.

Programming and Management
· On site programming facilities with in built modules.
· Cloning machine options with handheld device.
· Remote programming, data extraction, out of product alarm on real time, and more options using Jofemar telemetry software "Vending Track"
· Data retrieval for audits and statistics.
· RS232 data output.

· Bill Validator BT10
· Cashless payment system J130
· Vandal- proof coins entry.
· Modem interface for telemetry management.
· Online working mode with full control of sales and users.
· Up to two satellite vending units for extra selections and capacity
· Microwaves tower, ovens and heating times availability controlled by the main Vision Machines