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Complete coin management

Today's vending operators require an exhaustive control of sales and profits. To do this, nothing better than the J-2000, the most advanced coin changer available, with all the features required by the latest machines on the market.

Up to five coin return values afford improved credit management, reducing cash stocks. More coin return options mean fewer out-of.change situations and increased coin return speed former intensive machine use.

Completely accurate coin guiding system all the way to their destination, perfect modular component mechanics and more flexible tube replacement allow you to readily adapt the machine to your immediate needs.

Technical Feactures
· Five self-loading return tubes; up to five different coin values.
· Acceptance of up to 24 coins and 15 different coin values.
· Return tube assembly can be disassembled without the need of special tools.
· Available in all standard vending protocols.
· Integrated programming levels accessible via programmable codes.
· Programmable maximun coin tube storage limits.
· Coin Selection: T15 validator with the latest fraud-proof systems.
· Complete coin destination control.
· Change tube capacity: 50-70 coins depending on coin thickness.


Return Tubes 5 (up to 5 different coin values)
Tubes Capacity 50-70 coins depending on coin thickness.
Vending Protocols Executive, MDB, 2/4 Prices, BDV
Accepted coins Up to 24 coins and 15 different coin values
Dimensions 13,9 H x 5,4 W x 3,22 D
Weight 6,17 lbs
Power Cons. on stanby 150 ma
Power Up to 24 V