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Multiseller Plus

· Conveyor delivery.
· Programmable speed & torque.
· Eliminates spirals.
· Easy to load.
· 5 years motor warranty
· Easy adjustable for different product shapes.
· Up to 30% increased capacity compared to conventional spirals.
· Elevator delivery.
· Eliminates drop damage.
· Waist height delivery point.
· Integrated PDss (product detection sensors system). Guaranteed delivery and eliminates double vends.
· Programable anti-theft option.
· Guaranteed delivery, eliminates double vends.
· Proven security for high value items.
· Branding opportunity.

Think outside the box and reach out of home consumers more conveniently trough the vending channel.

The MULTISELLER PLUS is an automatic merchandiser that can bring your product in to the multimillion dollar channel of vending, thanks to our SMART VEND elevator delivery and our EASY FLEX conveyor product delivery system.

Machine Feactures
· Energy saving feature which turns off display lights during non-operational periods.
· Programmable elevator movements to stimulate public interest and sales. Branding the elevator.
· Continuous self testing & diagnosis Failure incident report.
· Modular cabinet built with corrosion resistant & rust proofing treatment.
· Complete accounting data storage and retrieval via DEX/UCS port is RS232 C plug.
· LCD display of programming messages, product price and machine status.
· Greater capacity per selection for most items.
· First in first out (FIFO) delivery dispensing.
· Jofemar´s Smart Vend Guaranteed product delivery system.
· Up to 56 products selections depending of size and shape.
· Front security lock with 3 locking points.
· Injected foam cabinet.


Dimensions 72"H x 31 1/2"W x 37"D
Weight 640 lbs
Glass Size 57 1/2H x 18,5"W
Electrical 110-115 VAC / 2 amps
Refrigeration Optional
Temperature Ambient
MDB Communication Protocol

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